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Sums me up

So, of course, I had to get it 🤷‍♀️😊

How do you say no to that face?

I know I couldn't! He went right into my cart and even now, in March, he is still in there!

Perfect for tracking phases

I love the design and size of these moon phase stickers for tracking the moon in my planner.

Lovely dividers

This are great stick in a planner. They are thin enough, that you *might* be able to punch them for rings or disk planners. Would be near perfect for HP micro!

Wondering what to watch?

Well, no more! This and the part 1 sheet gave us an easy way to pick our next scary movie this last spooky season!

Purple love

This year, I have been loving spider webs and with this coming in my fav color, I had to grab it! Great quality, as always 💜

Love this

Thus washi adds the best bit of snark or angst to a spread. It's also good for bad day journaling.


I love the holo shimmer o
this clip! Since the moon has an approximately month long cycle, this clip marks my monthly overview page.


Sometimes, you just have a day where nothing goes your way. This sticker is great for those days!

Yes, please!

Perfect for when I want to set intentions or do any practice work. Also, just a cheeky, fun way to goal plan for those that are spooky fans!


My daughter and I argued over this washi when it came it in, bc we both wanted it! Super cute and fun.


I am officially obsessed with the tattoo babes!


I absolutely love this. The quality of stickers is so good


I love all things floral. These look 3d 🌻

Great Gift

I love this little notebook I gave it to all my family. I use it for intentions and goal tracker.

Vibrant Color

I absolutely love ladybugs. The detail and color of this sticker is gorgeous

Love the colors

These stickers made me smile. They are all adorable.

Love love love this sticker pack

HONESTLY .... i just want the planner sticker as a stand alone.

i love these so much

i missed this collab, but have been able to procure the stickers 3x over,i absolutely love the planner with the LV cover. but as always Honey B shop has quality stickers with longevity and brilliant colors.

These flowers are gorgeous! I cannot wait to put them in my planner!


Such a gorgeous babe and I love all the pink! 💕


Such a beautiful deco sheet! 💕

Caffeine is bae! <3

Being a mom and a lover of coffee, this die cut is perfect!