About Us


I re-invented TheHoneyBShop in July of 2015. I graduated that summer and I was heading to college! I needed a planner so what does a girl do? Spend all the money in her bank account on said planner. I literally started my business at 18 with a planner and nothing in my bank account! All from my childhood bedroom!

When I went searching for stickers, I couldn't find any that spoke to my quirky, weird loving heart. Before I even got said planner in the mail, I started designing stickers in... Microsoft word. After stumbling head first into the planner community, I joined tons of groups as one does when they discover a new hobby! I posted my little printable creations and realized other crafters + planners were interested in my designs! That's when TheHoneyBShop was... well. Not born, but re-invented! I actually created TheHoneyBShop in high school! I originally sold photography prints on etsy...and not one single soul purchased them. I knew my dreams were always as some type of entrepreneur, as it does run in my family! I re-opened the virtual doors that summer, and shortly after in September of 2015, I saved all the dollar bills from the digitals and transformed TheHoneyBShop into a physical sticker shop!

Around 2016, I realized being an artist could help me elevate my business and set my niche! That's when TheHoneyBShop became a "doodle" shop and basically what you know it as today! Over the last few years, the business has evolved from printables... to stickers, to being a FULL planner / stationery brand with a subscription tied into the mix. From Microsoft word, to learning Procreate, to becoming self-taught in Illustrator, to opening doors to a Brick + Mortar (yes! We had a Brick + Mortar at one time!) - TheHoneyBShop is truly a small business based off lots of love, honey, determination, passion, and the fire that fuels my soul. I put everything into this business and I am so proud and honored to be able to share my talents with you!

I actually began THBS in the darkest time of my life, and never knew THBS was the light I was craving. The community, the creativity, it all strings together and brings me so much joy. I knew in my heart I wanted to be a small biz owner, but never truly expected to be living my day dream... day by day! And that's all thanks to you, friend.

Hello, I'm Shannon, or Shan! I'm the owner, creator, + designer of TheHoneyBShop! Level 26 in life. I live in Georgia with my boyfriend Odie, and my two dogs - Chloe + Odin and run TheHoneyBShop in our studio in Bremen, GA! I’ve always been artsy-fartsy so it makes me so excited to able to live my day dream every single day, thanks to you! When I’m not designing up a storm, doing admin work, or managing THBS, I like to spend time with my family, play in my planner, or pick up hobbies I’ll spend tons of money on that I’ll end up forgetting about down the road.

Now, I'm not the only bad-ass babe behind TheHoneyBShop. Let me introduce you to the queen... 👑


That's my mama right there. Mama Bee is the back-bone of TheHoneyBShop if ya wanna know the truth. I honestly don't believe I would be where I am today without her. (I mean duh, right? She birthed me.) BUT - I mean THBS too. Mama Bee plays some of the biggest roles in our small business!

She's the REASON your orders arrive at amazon speeds. She's the reason your orders are packaged with so much love, honey + care. She's an organized QUEEN, and manages the warehouse we work at so freaking well. (It'd be a disaster if I was in charge.) She's the mama behind Honey + The Bear Co - which you see featured on the website. She runs our Big Bertha (embroidery machine) and hand-makes all your planner clips + felties. She's my right hand woman, for sure.

She's been part of the team since PBC Weekend in 2017. It's such an amazing time doing business with Mama Bee. Spending time with her day by day, and helping me chase my dreams is seriously the best thing on this planet. Hiring her and being able to give back to my family has been the HIGHLIGHT of my career, thus far. 


Me and Mama Bee thank you so much for being here. Shopping small changes lives.