TheHoneyBShop was created by Shannon Holbrook, on July 29th, 2015. Shan got her first planner that summer, and when searching for stickers, she couldn't find any that spoke to her heart. Before the planner arrived in her hands, she was designing away (in Microsoft word!!) for some printable stickers she was going to make herself. After sharing in a Facebook Group, she realized other planners were interested in her designs, and that's when she decided in was time to open THBS! THBS was originally created on Etsy to sell photography prints for Shan's photography when she was in high school (and not one single person bought them!) but she knew her dreams were always to be some type of entrepreneur. We re-opened up our virtual doors that summer, and shortly after in the fall, saved the funds to create a physical planner sticker shop! 

It wasn't until 2016, that Shan realized being an artist could help elevate her business, and that's when THBS became a doodle shop! Over the last few years, THBS has evolved from printables, to stickers, to being a full planner brand with a subscription box tied into the mix! 
From Microsoft word, to learning Procreate and her love for digital art, to becoming self-taught in Illustrator, TheHoneyBShop is truly a business based off lots of love, honey, determination, passion, and the fire that fuels Shan's soul! Shan puts her everything into this business, and is so proud to be able to share her talents with you. Shan created THBS in the darkest time of her life, and never knew THBS was the light she was craving. Thank you so much for supporting our small business, and constantly being a light.

Hey, planner babe! I'm Shan!
I am the owner, creator, and designer of TheHoneyBShop!
I am on level 23 in life, and live in GA with my player 2, Chris, who is a tattoo artist + shop owner, and our four fur babies! I am obsessed with tattoos, coffee, anime, and all things gaming. I've always been artsy-fartsy kind of babe, so it makes me so excited to be able to live my day dream every single day! (thanks to YOU!) When I'm not designing up a storm, doing admin work, or managing THBS, I like to spend time with the hubby, play video games, collect squishmallows, and cuddle with my pets!

Hey there! I'm Shondell, or most of you know me as Mama Bee!
I am Shan + Amber's Mama, but also the warehouse mama. I make sure everyone is taken care of here! I am the Mama behind Honey + The Bear Co which you see here on THBS website! I run our Big Bertha (embroidery machine), and hand-make all your planner clips and felties! I am Shan's right hand woman, and have been apart of the team for a few years now! My first time packing orders was PBC weekend in 2017! I cannot believe I've been able to watch my daughter chase her dreams for that long! When I'm not cutting felties, packing orders, or organizing the shop, I love spending time with my family and friends, and especially my granddaughter Ryanne. Being a grammy is one of my favorite things ever!

What's up!? I'm Amber!
I am the first...but most recent THBS team member! How does that work? When I was still in High School and when Shan still lived with our parents, she ran THBS our of our parent's basement and her bedroom! I was the first one to ever assist Shan with order fulfilment! Before working for Shan, I was a CNA at a nursing home! I just recently joined the team again in 2019, and have created my own line of products here on the website called TheHoneyPotCreations! You can find my items in our custom tumblers, keychains, popsockets, and lifestyle collections! I love working with vinyl and creating unique, custom items that were originally boring! I like to consider myself Shan's Assistant (or assistant to the regional manager!) because I love to take on any tasks I can, as I am a busy body and really love learning more about THBS and how it works! When I'm not working, I love spending time with my daughter Ryanne, playing Mario Cart + Mario Party, doing makeup for weddings, or for fun, and watching tiktoks!