Hey girl, hey! I'm Shannon Leigh!
I am the owner, designer, and creator behind TheHoneyBShop!
I am 21-years-old and I am located in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia where I live with Boothang, our pups Chloe and Rick, and our kitty Morty! I love coffee, doodling, and tattoos!
I opened up TheHoneyBShop in 2015 and have been living my day dream every since. 
I wasn't always a "doodle-y" kind of shop! But when I decided to implement my artwork into sticker form, that's when TheHoneyBShop was "really" born. I spend most of my days designing, doodling, and taming silhouettes!
I have always been an artsy-fartsy kind of gal. I owned my own photography business, which was called TheHoneyBPhotography, from ages 12-17, so I guess the whole "I wanna be a girl boss" thing runs in my veins. And I'm so thankful it's what I get to do every day! I will forever be thankful for the friendships I've made and the support this community has given me. You're the bee's knees!