Hello, friends! Can you believe we're wrapping up our 5th year of Babe Boxes!? I am so excited to share with you the awesome buzz + changes coming up in 2024 for our Babe Box subscription. I appreciate everyone who took the time to leave their feedback on the Babe Box survey I sent out! I took everything into consideration and did a heck ton of brain-storming to whip up how the Babe Box will look in the new year. I really, really, really think you're gonna dig it! Keep scrolling to see and read about all the new changes that are coming up in 2024! I understand this is long and windy, but I promise there's good info below!

First things first, we will NOT be raising the price of the Babe Box in 2024.

Babe Boxes will continue to be $25 USD.

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Shipping was a HUGE discussion in the feedback from our survey. And I'm here to drop some good news! We will no longer be shipping Babe Boxes via USPS Priority Mail to assist with savings. We will be shipping USPS Ground Advantage going forward. Ground Advantage has shown consistent delivery times varying in 1-3 days. So in my opinion, for delivery context, it's just as good as Priority.

But what's even better is the savings!

2024 Shipping Rate: [ $6 - $7.25 ]

That's $3.50+ back in your pocket! (or to more stickers...hehe)

*USPS Ground Advantage varies in price due to destination and is only available for Domestic (United States) customers. International is shipped via First Class International*

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If I'm being fully transparent, which has always been important for me here at THBS, I am not very proud of our 2023 year of the Babe Box. I made the big decision of switching up our subscription model in 2023, less products = more affordable price. Judging by the numbers of 2023, this wasn't the best decision I made for the biz, as we declined tremendously in sales + subscribers. Now, I don't blame everything on that one factor. I could write a novel about this. But as we descended throughout the year, so did my passion and creativity. Looking back through previous years, you can really see where I was flourishing and inspired through my art and products. And now is the time to "reset" that mindset. I am bringing back my creativity, my art, and the originality that you all have came to love + adore here at TheHoneyBShop. Some even gave the feedback in the survey that the "essence" of me + THBS has been far and few in between. I am changing that. The Babe Box is something I completely love and believe in. It's so fun, challenging, and I am bring the passion and fire back this year. 

Enough of my rambles, let's talk products.

We're ditching our sticker manufacturer.
We're bringing this back in house.

As the year progressed, my relationship with our manufacturer (that we've been working with for the last 6 years) has became frustrating. I used to work directly with an awesome person named Kristin, and boy, do I miss her. She got promoted (go her!) - and I had to switch to working with another person directly for our order process. The trust I had with working with Kristin and this company - was thrown out the window pretty quickly. Long story short on that - I miss Kristin LOL. But also, the quality we strived to continuously produce in our products... just isn't there anymore. We've run into a lot of issues behind the scenes this year, and I just don't love what we're receiving. Also taking the feedback from our survey into consideration, y'all don't really like the sticker paper either. So, let's give you what you do love!

Yeah, the sticker books are super cool. And I maybe? could figure out a way to produce these in house, but at the moment, we will be including a 10 page kit. The pages are the same size as the sticker book pages (5.5"x6.25" inches). They're just not... sticker booked. But personally, I like the idea of this to be able to pick and choose which sheets you might wanna take on the go, or keep in your stash! We will be using the same exact weatherproof matte sticker paper that you love from our shop! 

PLUS the beautiful, vibrant colors that our printers offer!

What about other products? Washi? Sticky Notes? Huh?

Don't worry - we're still bringing the heat and working with other companies to offer unique and high quality products. Our washi tape manu is absolutely the bee's knees, and we plan on keeping the washi tape within the mix! They also offer a lot of cool items we can work on for future products as well too! So stay tuned for all that!

I want to continue to give you a bang for your buck. Our Babe Boxes will always include a retail value of $80+ with huge savings for subscribing.

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Who doesn't love options?

Doodle Sticker Subscription:

  •  $15 USD + FREE shipping. (US only)
  •  Includes 5 sticker sheets total that compliment the Babe Box. 
  •  Four (4) doodle sticker sheets + One (1) deco sticker sheet.
  •  Save $6.50 + shipping by subscribing!

Deluxe Digital Babe Box Subscription:

  •  $20 USD - Flat Price.
  •  This is a *digital* product and will NOT be shipped.
  •  Perfect for digital planners, sticker makers, + crafters.
  •  Includes bonus items that will *only* be available in the Deluxe Digital sub.
  •  Bonus items include: PNG, PDF, + Cut Files for Silhouette + Cricut users.
  •  I honestly can't put a retail value on this, it's basically priceless!
  •  Dropbox link that includes the downloads delivered to your inbox each month.

| Digital Babe Box Note: |

I am currently searching for a platform to host and save our Digital Babe Boxes to, so you can access them at any time. Please be patient with me as I am trying to improve this experience! As always, you can contact me to get any files you need via email! If you have any ideas, holla! LOL!

YES! Your Babe Box subscription still comes with a Digital Babe Box bonus!
This will only include clipart, papers, + digital assets. Not premade files.
Doodle Sticker Sub does NOT include the Digital Babe Box.

Enrollments for the Doodle Sticker Sub will be available during the time of Babe Box subscription enrollments.

1st - 20th of each month.

Renewals are the 1st of every month, unless you skip or cancel.

Enrollments for the Deluxe Digital Babe Box Subscription will be available all month long. You will NOT be able to purchase previous Deluxe Digital Babe Boxes after the month ends. After your initial purchase, you will have access to your Deluxe Digital Babe Box download immediately after checkout. You'll also be able to find this link via email. Once your subscription renewal processes on the 1st of each month, we will work on sending out the current month's Deluxe Digital Babe Box within 24 hours. Again, we're going to find a solution to make this process much more streamlined. Thank you for your patience! :)

You'll be able to sign up for all 3 subscriptions.

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 One of the perks of bringing our sticker production back in house is we're able to offer a skin tone variant again! I am really excited about this change, as a lot of you left feedback in the survey about wanting to receive more babes in your preferred skin tone! You will be able to select your skin tone choice with both the Babe Box and Doodle Club Subscription! You'll be able to change your selection in your subscription account on the website as well!

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I think that's it for all the changes + updates! I know this was a poop ton to read, so if you made it this far, I seriously appreciate you! Let's kick 2024's BUTT!