Jan: Reset


Jan: All Smiles
Feb: Planner Friends
Mar: Homebody
Apr: Just Peachy 2.0
May: Polly Pocket
Jun: Summer Sophisticate 
Jul: Carnival Cutie
Aug: Nostalgia
Sep: Black Out 3.0
Oct: Cottagecore
Nov: Winter Wonderland
Dec: Doing My Best


Jan: Cherry Pie
Feb: Self Love Club
Mar: Planner Stash Volume 1
Apr: Space Drip
May: Book Gazer 2.0
Jun: Planner Statsh Volume 2
Jul: Celebration
Aug: Back to Cool
Sep: Planner Stash Volume 3
Oct: Keep Growing
Nov: Moon Prism


Jan: Bear Necessities
Feb: Crafty at Heart
Mar: Tattoo Sidekicks
Apr: Pastel Dreams
May: Mer-May 2.0
Jun: Grace
July: Hot Babe Summer
Aug: Planner Royalty
Sep: Lunar Eclipse
Oct: Lofi Vibes
Nov: Neutral
Dec: Cream & Sugar


Jan: Tattoo Princess
Feb: Space Babe 3.0
Mar: Staycation
Apr: Spring Fantasy
May: Modern Greenhouse
Jun: Tattoo Villian
Jul: Girl Power
Aug: Back to the Basics
Sep: Personality Crisis 2.0
Oct: Blush Baby
Nov: Book Gazer
Dec: Adulty AF


Jan: Personality Crisis
Feb: Space Babe 2.0
Mar: Home Sweet Home
Apr: Just Peachy
May: Mer-May
Jun: Tropical Bliss
Jul: Planner Babe
Aug: Oh, Honey
Sep: Black Out
Oct: Fall In Love With Yourself
Nov: Ice Queen
Dec: Boss Babe