Q: What is the Babe Box?
  • A: The Babe Box is a stationery / planner subscription. All items in the box will be curated around a theme! Artwork is hand-illustrated and curated by me, Shan! This means the items / artwork in your box are exclusive to our shop and you won't find them anywhere else! (Unless stated otherwise)*

Q: What dates can I sign up? 

  • A: We open enrollments up on the 1st-20th of each month! Please note our subscription is a limited inventory product, and it's possible we may sell out. Enrolling earlier than later is recommended! 
Q: How much is the Babe Box?
  • A: When we starting dreaming up the Babe Box, I wanted to make sure I was able to offer adorable, unique stationery at an affordable price. Each box is $40 + shipping. ($9 for domestic, varies for international). You'll find a retail value of $80-150 of stationery in your boxes! 

Q: What items are included in the Babe Box?

  • A: Special items will vary every month. You ARE guaranteed a stickers, die cuts, a post card, + exclusive babes. Items can also include: paper packs, sticky notes, washi tape, pens, enamel magnets + pins, pouches, planners, inserts + notebooks, adhesive pockets...and SO MUCH MORE.
  • You also will receive an email from us after your Babe Box ships including our Digital Babe Box! (A $20 VALUE!)

Q: Are Babe Box items sold in the shop?

  • A: Yes! We sell our Babe Box extras the following month. These are very limited, however, and sold at retail value.

Q: When will I be billed / when are renewals?

  • A: You will be billed on the FIRST day of each month. If you need to change / edit billing / or cancel, YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE the LAST day of the month. If you cancel after you have been charged for the month, you will receive the final kit you were billed for and will not be charged for future months. 
  • Our subscription model is for automatic renewals (unless you purchase as a gift) and will automatically renew on the 1st of each month.

Q: How can I cancel + skip my Babe Box subscription?

  • A: To cancel your Babe Box subscription: log in here, and you can cancel your subscription from your account. If you're having troubles on canceling, don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, we are more than happy to help! 
  • To skip your Babe Box subscription: log in here, and you will have the option to skip your upcoming renewal. This means you won't be charged for the upcoming Babe Box, and will not receive it. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you're having troubles canceling your Babe Box account, and need to reach out to us, our Customer Service hours are M-F (9 AM - 5 PM EST). This also means we won't be able to cancel your Babe Box for you at 11 o'clock at night before your renewal. Please make note of these timeframes.

Q: What are your cancelation / skip renewal policies?

  • A: You MUST cancel + skip your Babe Box renewal before your next renewal, which is on the 1st of the month. We recommend doing this BEFORE the last day of the month. (EX: the 28th of the month.)
  • You are able to cancel your Babe Box subscription at any time. Our policies state once your renewal has been successful, we are not able to refund you for that current month. We will be able to cancel future months, however, you will not be able to cancel + skip the current month if your renewal has been placed.

Q: What is the Digital Babe Box?

  • A: Our Digital Babe Box includes all the artwork + images I used to curate each month's Babe Box.
  • These digitals are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. This means you cannot use these items for commercial use. (Selling, your logo graphics, etc) You MAY use these to make your own personal stickers, projects + more. If you're using our graphics for promotion that has monetary value, this is against our terms. (EX: logos for your youtube channel, business, influencer accounts, etc.)
  • You can purchase previous Digital Babe Boxes here at any time!

Q: What were the previous themes?

  • A: We have a whole list of themes compiled HERE of all our Babe Boxes we've every created! You can view that here!

Where to find THBS Babe Box content:



If you have any questions, comments, + concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We are more than happy to assist you with any questions you have!