Boss Babe | January's Babe Box Walk-Through
Boss Babe | January's Babe Box Walk-Through
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January's Babe Box, Boss Babe is the perfect box to jumpstart your 2020 goals and focus on FOUR main aspects in your life. Planner Babe, Budget Babe, Home Babe, and Fitness Babe are featured in this box to help you focus, plan, and achieve those goals for 2020! Now, let's DIVE into this box!
Inside January's Babe Box:
- 2 Journaling Cards
- 6 Pattern Papers
- 2 Foiled Acetate Sheets
- 10 Page Sticker Kit
- 2020 Calendar Die Cuts
- (3) 5 MM Washi Tapes
- Daily Insert (not hobo sized*)
- Sticky Note Insert
- Babe Vinyl Die Cuts
- Black Pouch
In your 10 Page Sticker Kit, you'll find where functional meets chic and gorgeous! Three pages of full boxes, ranging from babes, minimalistic checkboxes, and some foiled quotes to get your goals in gear! You'll also find some die cut foiled icons, all the babes as large stickers, a hobonichi weeks kit, and two clear sticker sheets featuring our four babes, Planner Babe, Budget Babe, Home Babe, and Fitness Babe! These sheets have functional wordings on them to assist those goals!
These adorable Babe Die Cuts come in all three skin tones. Featuring Planner Babe, Home Babe, Fitness Babe, and Budget Babe again! These Die Cuts are printed on high quality vinyl material and the oppurtunites are endless on where you want to stick these to! They are waterproof, just not dishwasher safe! Please remember this when you deicde to stick them!
This Sticky Note Insert is one of my FAVORITE products I've designed, hands-down. I definitely know it'll make a come-back again, as we featured something similar, but micro sized in our 2019 Halloween Advent Calendar. You get a total of 7 sticky notes on this insert, including two full sized stickys + 5 page flags! Don't forget, use a white gel pen to use the black + gray stickys!
Our Daily Insert + 5 MM Washi Tapes are sure to keep you on track of your goals! The 5 MM  Clear Washi Tape features three designs, the black-out hourly, the clear hourly, and the checkboxes! These are perforated for easy use! The insert showcases an "hourly" format on the left, (which doesn't have to be hourly!) and a grid section on the right, with a meal section at the bottom! These boxes are sized at 1.5" and fit most planner stickers. You get two days on one page!
The 2020 Calendar Die Cuts are another one of my faves from this month! You get 12 total cardstock die cuts, which include January-December monthly overviews. The numbers of each month are delicately foiled in silver, and you get a gorgeous botanical drawing on the right for each month. These are super simple, but so chic and can match any planner babe's set-up!
This Black Glitter pouch can fit all your planner things in one go. Using a ziploc function as the zipper, you can stash this thing full, and it even allows for some expansion. Use the o-ring closure to add keychains, charms, and more to make this classy, simple pouch more YOU! 
It's time to punch 2020 in the face, babe! I am so excited to see what you all create from this box, as it's one of my favorite things about curating the Babe Box. Sign up today to receive February's Babe Box, Tattoo Disney! Follow us on Instagram to see more reveals through-out the month showcasing February's Babe Box.
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